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The solution is Ecoatings

It is a coating of pre-coloured acrylic mortar applied on top of a fixed insulation panel or available without should you prefer to simply renovate the facade. available in many colours. It is strong, durable, flexible and impermeable to water ingress whilst also breathable, helping to resolve any damp problems you may have.

Combined with the insulation panel it can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient as well as eliminating any existing damp or condensation problems. All this work is performed outside and does not disturb the house inside.

There also are grants available for improved energy saving work.

We are approved and certified installers from the international company Weber Saint Gobain.


We have a system that safeguards against the need for repainting for a minimum of ten years.

What are Ecoatings

Ecoatings is an insulative external coating system with high performance characteristics.

Fed up with damp and repainting the walls every other year? eCoatings is the solution.